We have great support from commercial sponsorship partners.This sponsorship provides the team with most of its funding.


"Cookie Composites specializes in skydiving helmets, specifically open face and fullface skydiving helmets"- Cookie 


Cookie provides the team high-quality kits and equipmet to allow us to conduct our displays, keep us safe and looking smart and professional at all of our events.


"Unlike typical plastic sunglasses, our frames easily fit under a helmet; are adjustable to custom-fit the rider’s face; providing full coverage from wind, dust, and debris; and look just as badass as the people wearing them. "- Gatorz



provides fantasic durable eyewear which allows the team to jump in all condtions and fit perfectly underneath our helmets without any discomfort and fear of them falling off during the jump.

Hard Head Veterans

"your home for the highest quality ballistic helmets and protective gear around"-Hard head veterans


Hard Head Veterans is a veteran-owned and operated business that provides the highest quality ballistic helmets and protective gear to our canopy relative work (CRW) group making sure they stay safe bumping into each other on displays.


"At Airtec, we are committed to building the best AAD on the market and supporting our products with the best service." - CYPRES


CYPRES provide us with our life saving automatic activation devices (AAD) which gives the team the peace of mind that they are kept safe and protected if the worst was to happen.


"Alti‑2 Technologies is a company run by engineers who strongly believe that only the best proven technology in skydiving instrumentation can meet the highest safety standard for our customers." - Alit-2


Alti-2 supply our team with digital altimeters to keep us altitude aware at all times.

TSA Consulting LTD

TSA Consulting Ltd provides a bespoke specialist air display management service to the UK and international clients, focused on delivering all aspects of a professional flying display - from a flypast at a small one-day local event or special occasions to the staging of major multi-display international programmes.

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