Team Origins


The Tigers Army Parachute Display Team was formed in 1986 under the watchful eye of Colonel P. V. Panton 


The team were originally named "The Flying Dragons"due to being established from the Queens regiment,

The team today have adopted the name  "The Tigers".


Past Displays

The Tigers have performed at a large array of events throughout the years as far a field as Berlin, Kosovo, Cyprus, and more recently at the opening of the birthday celebrations for Her Majesty Queen Margrethe ll of Denmark, the Regiments Colonel in Chief. and Formula 1 events.


Although ever changing the team's past members have all added, in their own way, to the team's legacy and just as their predecessors before them. The present members are constantly

looking for ways to improve the teams image.





The Army 


The team provides additional support to the Army with an active role in recruitment and image promotion, which may include open days, "Look at Life" visits, leaflet drops and visits to events on the Army's behalf.


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