To the Tigers Army Parachute Display Team. We're one of the British Army's leading parachute display teams. we perform at events all across the world, bringing breath taking spectacales to events near you.




Tandem Skydives


Looking for a fun expeerience? Take the ultimate leap of faith with a tandem skydive. Experience the thrill of freefall skydiving from 13,000ft, with members of our team.


Experienced parachutists from The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment's Parachute display team and the Queens Division - "The Tigers" - Dropping into the arena, smoke trailing, flags flying, performing amazing formations both in the air and under the canopy.   


The Tigers have various display routines, all dynamic in style and will hold you and your audience captivated throughout the entire routine. With an equally exciting commentary provided by one of the team, you will have the opportunity to witness one of the most

exciting parachute displays. 

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