Capt Ian Wicks Team Commander



Birth Place: Belfast


Age: 45


Qualifications: Category System Instructor, Jump Master 1, Canopy Handling 1+2, Formation Skydiving 1, C Licence Display Jumper, Tracking 1, Canopy Handling Coach.


Total Jumps: 420


Personal Interests: Football, Triathlons, Marathons, Cycling, F1, Skydiving


Personal Quote: Work Hard, Play Harder!


Cpl Frank Millerick Team Leader



Birth Place: Hastings 


Age: 37


Qualifications: Display Jump Master, Canopy Handling Coach, Formation Skydiving Coach, Canopy Formation Coach, Tandem Instructor, Category System Instructor, Acceleratred Freefall Instructor, Wingsuit 1, Parachute Rigger.


Total Jumps: 2300


Personal Interests: Skydiving, Motor Cycling, Scuba Diving, Fishing, Shooting, 


Personal Quote: At the end of the day it gets dark!

Cpl Nathen May



Birth Place: Chatham


Age: 25


Qualifications: Canopy Handling 1


Total Jumps: 90


Personal Interests: Skydiving, 


Personal Quote:  "i like things to happen, and if they dont happen, i like to make them happen”


Cpl Liam Donovan



Birth Place: Torquey


Age: 34




Total Jumps: 0


Personal Interests: Skydiving, Snowboarding, surfing, paddle boarding. 


Personal Quote:  "Temet nosce”


LCpl Dan Hurst



Birth Place: 


Age: 30


Qualifications: Canopy Handling 1, Formation Skydiving 1, Basic Rigger, 

Advance Packer, Tracking 1

Total Jumps: 360


Personal Interests: Skydiving, Ice Skating, Swimming  


Personal Quote:  "Good things come to those who jump”


Pte Chris Grey


Birth Place: Southampton


Age: 21


Qualifications:  Canopy Handling 1, Canopy Handling 2, Formation skydiving 1, canopy formation 1, Canopy

formation 2


Total Jumps: 350


Personal Interests: Skydiving, music.


Personal Quote: “sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war”


Pte Ryan Clark


Birth Place: Brighton


Age: 25


Qualifications:  B licence, Canopy Handling 1, Canopy Handling 2, Formation skydiving 1, Tracking 1,

Tracking 2


Total Jumps: 220


Personal Interests: Skydiving. 


Personal Quote: “Everything you’ve ever wanted, is on the other side of fear”

Pte Carl Hobbs



Birth Place: 


Age: 46


Qualifications: Canopy Handling 1, Formation Skydiving 1, Canopy Forma, Category System Instructor.


Total Jumps: 250


Personal Interests: Skydiving, Walking. 


Personal Quote:  "Live life to the full and do it all"


Pte Alex Goodman



Birth Place: Birmingham


Age: 27


Qualifications: Canopy Handling 1, Formation Skydiving 1


Total Jumps: 150


Personal Interests: Skydiving, Boxing. 


Personal Quote:  "Success is only achieved through failure”


Pte Luke Smith



Birth Place: Guildford


Age: 18




Total Jumps:0


Personal Interests: Skydiving, Boxing, Football


Personal Quote: “dont forget to live before you die”