The Tigers are proud to welcome our sponsors for 2016




















We are always on the lookout for further sponsorship to support the team. If you believe you or your company may be interested in partnering with the team, please read the following information.


About "The Tigers"
"The Tigers" were formed over 20 years ago and are firmly established as one of the top parachute display teams within the United Kingdom. The team has been very successful in competitions throughout this period, with the team performing at events such as the British National Parachute Championships and the World Parachute Championships.


The team perform displays throughout the country and on occasion overseas at between 50 and 65 events per season, of which begins in early May and lasts through till late September. Before the season begins, 4 weeks of intense training is completed to ensure all team members are prepared for the season.


The team have performed at several public shows and sporting events both International and National, such as the World Air Games, British National Skydiving Competition and the War and Peace military show. They have also on occasion been asked to perform at events in other countries around the World including Gibraltar, Serbia, Kosovo and Germany. The team are always working hard to find new events and locations to perform their parachute display routines. 



About Our Performance Routine
First the team will choose a location to use for their Drop Zone, selected using strict guidelines and minimum requirements of 5,000 square meters. Within the Drop Zone will be a landing target in the form of a red cross surrounded by flags (known as Wind Blades) with your logo on.

Whilst a ground crew prepares the Drop Zone for landing, the display team will complete final checks and briefing for their jump and take off from a nearby airfield. At the pre-arranged time the display team will jump from the aircraft and begin their routine, assisted by commentary from a fellow team member, the team will amaze and entertain spectators.

With flags, banners, smoke and your canopy trailing as they perform a variety of intricate manoeuvres and air spectacles for all to see. Each performance will last between 2 and 8 minutes, depending on weather conditions on the day and will end with team members landing in the Drop Zone area individually or together forming a stack.

Once the display has been completed the team will line up and be formally introduced to VIP guests. After which the team will perform a parachute packing demonstration at which time spectators are given the opportunity to interact with the team.



Sponsorship Information
"The Tigers" are in need of a permanent sponsorship from an organisation or corporation who could provide the team with the following:

  • Annual sponsorship of the team (Ideally for a minimum period of 3 years).
  • New team transportation in the form or a minibus or equivalent.
  • Skydiving equipment including canopies, flags, banners and jumpsuits.


A full breakdown of costs involved can be provided upon request, outlining the level of expenditure required to equip the team and can be adjusted to suit your level of commitment.

Organisation and Corporate sponsors will be provided with the following:

  • Your organisation or corporate branding seen by over 3 million spectators per year at shows, events.
  • Your organisation or corporate branding included on the team's website with a link directly to your own website.
  • A chance to shape the program for the team's display as we could be jumping at any special events each year.
  • Be seen as a sponsor of the ultimate in adrenaline sports, shown in an exciting and safe manner.


  • A real and reliable asset, both in the air and on the ground.

Full information on the above is available on request.

What’s Next For "The Tigers"?
With the correct funding we can once again attend both National and International Parachute Championships, of which unfortunately we have had to miss out on in recent years due to lack of funding. However with your help and a mixture of ability, experience and enthusiasm that we enjoy we can open up a world full of opportunities for both "The Tigers" and their sponsor.

Do you think this could be you and your organisation or corporation?